Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quit The Addiction Of Any Nicotine Products

Quiting the addiction

kick the addiction of smoking harmful Cigarette's.


1. The first step in quitting the Cigarette addiction is you should have a date to start you mission to quit smoking Cigarettes that's always good. Then when that day comes around you will want to go around and tell everyone that knew that you smoked and tell them your quitting the habit and you never want to hear about a Cigarette again.

2. After that you will want to go through your house and all your possessions and get rid of all of the Cigarette stuff that you possess. The less stuff to remind you about smoking the better cause you will forget about it. Always remember your condition.

3. Look for people who have quit smoking and talk to them to boost you self confidence. You will want to stay on a healthy diet while your quitting cause quitting smoking will make you gain a little bit of weight.

4. You will want to drink about five to six glasses of water a day to get all of the bad toxins out of you. Also go to the store and buy multivitamins and your favorite gum take the multivitamins with your meals. You will want to chew the gum when you feel the erg to smoke.

5. Take walks with people that dont smoke Cigarettes, walks have been proved to relieve stress. You probably will feel tired while in the process of quitting Cigarettes so take a nap to recharge your battery's.

6. Also if you have a Cigarette every time you have your daily coffee try to switch it up it'll help kick the habit of smoking also. Cause some times certain things trigger addiction wants.

7. Avoid rooms that allow you to smoking being not in these rooms will lessen your want to smoke. Exercise daily it relieves stress and lessens the erg to smoke Cigarettes.

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