Monday, September 16, 2013

Hypnotize Anyone To Quit Smoking

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that has billions of people throughout the world hooked. Up to 700 additives are combined with the tobacco to keep the smoker addicted and coming back for more--even if he desperately wants to quit. The truth is that tobacco is harder to quit than heroin.

Hypnosis has been proven to help with addictions like smoking, as suggestions are given at a subconscious and not a conscious level. Hypnosis helps by putting the smoker into a state of trance--a deep level of relaxation that is attainable if you, as the one doing the hypnotizing, follow the right script.


1. Have the patient lie on a couch with his legs together (but not crossed) and his hands at his sides. Sit at the end of the couch, in a chair facing the patient and with the anti-smoking script in your lap. (Make sure the script is encased in a plastic folder to prevent the paper from rustling, as this may be off-putting to the patient.) Speak to your patient in a monotonous tone that is soft and quiet. Do not rush through the script: Read it slowly and follow the directions. If the script says to "pause," do just that. The reading should last about an hour. This is to allow the patient to relax deeply and forget all other stimuli.

2. Help the patient get comfortable. Read the following induction script: "You are relaxed. Just listen to the sounds around you, the sounds in this room and relax your body. Listen to my voice. (Pause.) Focus on a spot just above your eye-level. Think QUIT. No more smoking. No more wanting to hold a cigarette. You know your health is more important than holding a paper tube full of a dried plant containing toxins that are bad for you. (Pause.) Your eyelids are getting heavy. (Pause.) So heavy that you must close them. Close your eyes."

3. Have the patient breathe in a deep breath of fresh, clean air. Read this script, called the Deepener: "Deep. Deeper. Now exhale slowly, and with that breath go all cravings to pick up things that are bad for your health. You no longer wish to pollute your lungs; you just crave clean, fresh air to enter your body. Toxins poison your system, and you will allow only healthy habits from right now--just clean air, healthy food and pure water, because they're good for you."

4. Read the remainder of the script slowly. "Flush away the toxins in your body with crisp, clean water, leaving you pure and clean and healthy--giving you a second chance at living a healthy life. With each day that passes, you will be able to breathe deeper and smell flowers and food cooking. Your taste buds will be active again, and you'll be able to taste food in your mouth and smell the aroma coming from your food. Your sense of smell has awakened, and you are able to use this sense."

5. Continue: "Feel the power of your mind. You want only health and good things to enter your body. You have no need for anything else. Breathe deep and feel the power of your mind getting stronger as each day passes. You are strong and intelligent. Only good, healthy things may enter your body. Your body is growing stronger as your immune system strengthens and you no longer have a hacking smoker's cough. Your lungs expel all the toxins that have accumulated in them and grow pink and healthy once more. Your body is no longer dependent on nicotine. You are drug-free and want to stay that way from this day forward."

6. Finish with this passage: "Come out of hypnosis when I count to three. You will feel refreshed and smoke-free; vitalized and full of energy. One. You are healthy. Two. You feel wide awake and smoke-free. Three. Open your eyes." Snap your fingers.

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