Monday, September 30, 2013

The Entire Process Of Giving up Smoking

The Process of Quitting Smoking


Setting a date to quit gives a smoker a chance to become accustomed to the idea of giving up this habit. Many smokers have trouble imagining their lives without frequent cigarette breaks, so planning it in advance helps them visualize a future without cigarettes and improves their chances of quitting.


A smoker who is planning to quit should make sure everyone around her knows about it and is aware of the target date. This prevents any well-meaning fellow smokers from offering her a cigarette once she has stopped. In addition, it can provide some accountability for the smoker, who may not want to disappoint the many friends and acquaintances who are charting her progress.

Medical Help

Discussing the need to quit smoking with a physician will help a smoker with the process, as doctors can recommend and prescribe nicotine replacement therapy or other medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine gum, for example, is a commonly used replacement for the nicotine in cigarettes.


The night before the smoker's first cigarette-free day should be spent removing all smoking-related products and accessories from his living area. Ridding your home of ashtrays, lighters and all forms of tobacco will help reduce the temptation once the smoker quits.


Each addiction is different, so each individual faces unique challenges. Before quitting, a smoker should identify situations that will be particularly difficult for him---such as getting together with fellow smokers---and try to find ways to avoid or limit those interactions.

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