Thursday, September 26, 2013

Low Bloodstream Sugar & Smoking

Smoking actually combats hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, on a short-term basis. Because it temporarily raises blood sugar levels, many hypoglycemic smokers find themselves in a vicious cycle because they begin to use smoking as a substitute for balanced eating. This makes smoking more addictive and more dangerous for people with blood sugar problems.

Nicotine and Blood Sugar

When a person ingests nicotine, the body responds by briefly raising the levels of glucose in the blood. This can temporarily relieve symptoms of low blood sugar.

Nicotine Cravings?

Smokers with chronic hypoglycemia may mistake low blood sugar symptoms--like anxiety, racing heartbeat and irritability--for tobacco cravings. Because smoking briefly relieves the symptoms, the person may fail to address the underlying issue.

A Viscious Cycle

A smoker may continuously use tobacco as a substitute for a balanced diet and may smoke more often to relieve underlying symptoms of hypoglycemia. This ultimately results in a worsened condition and an addiction to nicotine.

Weight Loss

Tobacco is notorious for causing weight loss because some people (knowingly or unknowingly) use it as a substitute for food to address low blood sugar levels.

Healthier Choices

Smokers with low blood sugar can carry healthy, high-protein snacks, such as almonds, to eat when they experience symptoms of hypoglycemia.

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