Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Exactly What Do They Search For On The Life Insurance Coverage Physical

When you buy a life insurance policy, you may be required to have a physical exam. This requirement varies from company to company and policy type to policy type, but generally the necessity is determined by the amount of insurance being purchased, according to the My Life Insured website.


The person doing the medical exam will take the prospective insured's weight and height measurements. This is done to determine if the person is overweight. Obesity can be a factor in the decision about whether or not a person qualifies for life insurance.

Infectious Diseases

Urine and blood samples will be used to check for a wide variety of possible red flags. The insurance company will have the lab check for infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis as well as diabetes, kidney and liver disease, and other immune disorders.

Narcotics and Medications

Tests will be done on the urine and blood samples to look for illegal narcotics, nicotine and medications that the prospective insured is taking.

Heart Health

An EKG may be required to determine heart health. The insurance company will want to know of any possible preexisting heart conditions.

Circulatory Health

The person doing the medical exam will check the prospective insured's blood pressure to determine circulatory health.

Bone Health

An X-ray may be required to check for bone health. This is more likely to be requested if the prospective insured is middle-aged or older, to check for bone loss.

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