Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Androderm Faq

According to the official Androderm website, between 4 and 5 million U.S. men have low levels of testosterone, and many don't even realize that this is the case. Low levels of testosterone in the body can cause sexual problems like reduced libido and impotence, as well as mood chances and lack of energy. Androderm is one treatment option that can help men raise their testosterone levels.


Androderm works by restoring testosterone in the body to make up for your deficiency, according to the drug's official website. Androderm comes in patch form that delivers concentrations of testosterone through skin absorption. Some testosterone patches have to be applied directly to the scrotum, which many men find uncomfortable, but the Androderm patch can be applied to other areas of the body as well, allowing for maximum comfort.


Along with being comfortable, the drug is also beneficial over other types of testosterone replacement therapies because, according to the drug's website, the delivery of the drug matches natural testosterone production. In a healthy male, testosterone production usually peaks during the early morning. The Androderm patch works in the same day, mimicking natural production. It is also small enough to be worn undetected under clothing, and there are minimal drug transfer risks, which means that the drug rarely rubs off onto other people in your life.


According to clinical trials done by Androderm's manufacturers, the Androderm patch helps 92 percent of patients achieve normal levels of testosterone in the body. During these clinical trials, researchers also reported that patients' symptoms, including sexual dysfunction, low amounts of energy and depressed mood swings, also improved.


Androderm isn't for everyone. According to the drug's official website, using this patch increases the risk of an enlarged prostate in men over the age of 55. Some patients have also reported skin irritation or blisters at the patch's application site. Androderm can have negative side effects on women and can cause problems with men who have prostate cancer or breast cancer.


Your doctor can show you a placement chart for the Androderm patch. According to the Androderm website, the patch can be applied to the upper legs, upper arms, stomach or back. The patch should be moved every night so that the risk of skin problems is minimized. In addition, the patch should not be applied to the same place within seven days.

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