Friday, December 27, 2013

Be Considered A Non-smoker And Date A Smoker

Be a Nonsmoker and Date a Smoker

Nonsmokers tend to want to be around other nonsmokers, but what happens when the person you're dating is a smoker? Here are a few tips to try to cooperate with a smoker while on a date.


Be a Nonsmoker and Date a Smoker

1. Ask your girlfriend not to smoke in close proximity to you (e.g., in the car, in a restaurant or in your home). If she cares, she will be courteous of your right to not be exposed to secondhand smoke.

2. Suggest alternate ways to not smoke, such as the patch, cigarette suckers or nicotine gum when he's around you. This way, you can avoid second-hand smoke, and he can still get his nicotine fix.

3. Avoid nagging her about her cigarette habit. Nothing can ruin a date quicker than someone telling the other person about her faults. She's aware that smoking is unhealthy, and although you may feel like you have her best interest at heart, try not to make smart comments about lung cancer.

4. Avoid going on dates where smokers are more visible. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and pool halls are cracking down on smoking. If your boyfriend is with you in a nonsmoking environment, he will be less likely to smoke. If you are in a restaurant, ask to sit in the nonsmoking section. If you're outside, stay in an area too close for smoking or leave when he does smoke. Just because he wants to smoke does not mean you have to be exposed to it.

5. Clarify beforehand that you don't like the taste of smoke and would prefer that he brush his teeth or keep mints and listerine nearby before trying to kiss you.

6. If she is invited to your home after the date, don't hesitate to clarify whether you allow smoking. She can smoke outside if she has to have a cigarette, but make sure she smokes far enough from the building so your landlord doesn't complain about your guest.

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