Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Poison Arrows And Deer Hunting In Mississippi

Some hunters question the ethics of hunting with poison arrows.

The state of Mississippi does not prohibit the use of drugged or "poison" arrows in deer hunting. However, the poison used in such arrows, Succinylcholine Chloride or Anectine, is illegal to sell in Mississippi. Some hunters also object to the use of poison.

Archery Regulations in Mississippi

Compound bows are legal for deer hunting in Mississippi

Archery hunting regulations in Mississippi do not prohibit the use of drugged arrows - sometimes called "poison pods" or "the pod" - in the hunting of deer. As long as the hunter has an archery permit and is using legal weaponry - a long bow, recurve, or compound bow - he or she may use drugged arrows.

Poison Arrows

Deer are reportedly much more sensitive to Anectine than humans.

Succinylcholine Chloride, or Anectine, is a muscle relaxant that can induce total paralysis. Deer are reported to be much more sensitive to it than are humans, which is why it is chosen for deer hunting. It is illegal to buy or sell Anectine in Mississippi, though a black market exists. It is legal to purchase Anectine in the neighboring state of Alabama. Some Mississippi hunters purchase "the pod" in Alabama for use in Mississippi.

Debate Over Poison Arrows

Opinion varies on the use of drugged arrows.

Some hunters prefer poison arrows because it allows hunters to harvest a deer with even a superficial wound, and the drug may limit the animal's suffering. Other hunters consider the use of poison unethical and contend that drugged arrows are not a substitute for good marksmanship and sportsmanship.

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