Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Results Of Cigar Smoking

There is a prevalent--if unfortunate--belief out there that smoking cigars is somewhat less harmful than smoking cigarettes. This belief is probably due to the fact that cigar smokers usually don't inhale. However, this discounts the fact that cigar smoking can lead to a host of mouth and lip-related problems and poses a significant health risk not only to the smoker but to those around them.


Cigars have an addictive effect on its users in much the same way as all tobacco products. It contains nicotine, which is absorbed through the lips and gums when the user smokes the cigar (assuming they do not inhale). Nicotine is one of the most highly addictive drugs there is and can cause the user to feel anxious and depressed when they are deprived of its effects. Quitting can be extremely difficult.


Just like cigarette smoking, cigars can cause cancer to regular users. While lung cancer is not as prevalent (though it still remains a risk for both the smoker and those around the smoker), the risks of lip, tongue and other mouth cancers are even more common. The American Cancer Society estimates that those who smoke cigars are up to ten times more likely to die of these cancers than nonsmokers.


It is more common today than at any time in the past for cigar smokers to inhale. This is probably due to a couple of reasons. Many former cigarette smokers turn to cigars as a "safer" alternative. Cigarette smokers are used to inhaling, and therefore bring this habit with them to cigars. At the same time, many cigar makers have changed the fermentation process, making the smoke easier to inhale. This combines to increase the incidence of lung cancer in cigar smokers. In fact, they are up to 11 times more likely to die from lung cancer than those who have never smoked.

Heart Disease

Cigarette smoking has long been linked to incidences of heart disease and an increased risk of heart attack. While this link is not as strong with those who smoke cigars, the link is definitely there. Cigars smoking takes a toll on heart health, as well as promoting the occurrence of lung diseases such as emphysema and bronchitis.

Other Effects

Not all cigar smoking effects are deadly. There are other health effects that take a lesser, more cosmetic effect, which may be just as disheartening for smokers to hear. This includes gum damage, which can cause the gums to shrink back from the teeth. This gum disease can also increase the risk of the teeth falling completely out. Cigar smoking also increases the risk of impotence in men.

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