Monday, December 16, 2013

Use Fake Cigarettes To Stop

Cigarettes are addictive, but fake ones can help you quit.

If you're a smoker then you know the addictive powers of nicotine -- and that trying to quit isn't easy. Smokers are usually addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes and also the consistent oral habit. Fake electronic cigarettes can help you gradually become less dependent on nicotine. The device will provide you with the habitual hand-to-mouth routine, but without the harmful, addictive elements.


1. Decide which type of fake electronic cigarette you would like to use. All fake cigarettes are free of tars and harmful chemicals, yet are available with or without nicotine. While some brands contain natural flavorings, others may contain various levels of nicotine -- which you slowly decrease in amount over time in order to gradually stop smoking.

2. Buy your chosen type of fake electronic cigarette, which can be found at several online retailers.

3. Read all instructions on the package or manual prior to smoking the fake cigarette.

4. Plug the fake cigarette battery into its charger, and then plug the charger into an electrical outlet.

5. Charge the battery until the light on the charger turns green. This may take several hours.

6. Remove the battery from the charger and put it in the fake electronic cigarette. Insert the cartridge as directed.

7. Bring the fake cigarette to your mouth, and take a deep drag. Proceed to smoke it as you would a real cigarette.

8. Follow the directions on the package -- if you chose a fake cigarette with nicotine -- regarding the gradual reduction of nicotine in your electronic cigarette in order to ween yourself completely.

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