Monday, December 16, 2013

Nicotine Stain & Odor Remover

Even if cigarettes have been removed, the nicotine stains and odor can linger.

Households where people smoke freely can be difficult to clean. Lingering nicotine stains and odors are unpleasant for new tenants, but they can be removed.

Odor Removers

Many odor removers are offered on the market for indoor use, including Windex, Lysol products and other odor neutralizers. There are also professional cleaning services that can install in-home air-cleaning units.

Clean and Odor Free

Nicotine smells can quickly bind to new cushions and should be removed before a new tenant moves into a house or apartment. The entire area of a home should be cleaned using soap and water or a mixture of vinegar and water.


When it comes to nicotine stain and odor removers, it's best to clean a house on a moderately warm, sunny day. Doors and windows should be opened to get air circulating in the house. Carpets should be steam cleaned, and a baking soda-based carpet cleaning product should be used on all the rugs and carpets.


All the glass surfaces must be cleaned as well. Nicotine smoke can stain walls and windows. Products like Windex can be used on these areas. Lemon juice can also be used to clean small areas affected by smoke damage.

Stained Walls

Stains on walls can generally be removed with a combination of chlorine bleach and water. A solution of white vinegar and water will also remove smoke stains from walls.

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