Friday, December 20, 2013

Do Cigarettes Raise Bloodstream Blood Sugar Levels

Nicotine affects the mind and body on many different levels, some of which are more dangerous than others. When nicotine is ingested through chewing or smoking tobacco, blood sugar levels are temporarily raised. This is the case in diabetic and non-diabetic smokers alike.

Addiction Component

Because cigarette smoking can temporarily raise blood glucose levels, many smokers use tobacco, rather than food, as a quick-fix for hypoglycemia. This may be a component of tobacco addiction.


Tobacco does not appear to cause diabetes, but its effects on blood glucose levels are especially dangerous to people with diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Mortality Risk

One comprehensive review demonstrated an alarming increase in mortality rates among smokers with type 2 diabetes. Its effects on blood glucose levels may be more responsible for smoking-related deaths than previously thought.

Weight Loss

Increased blood glucose levels may be responsible for the weight loss and appetite suppression associated with cigarette smoking.

Who Is at Risk

People with eating disorders, hypoglycemia or any form of diabetes are especially at risk for serious damage from the effects of cigarettes on blood glucose levels.

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