Friday, September 6, 2013

Remove Nicotine From Walls

Nicotine can leave unsightly residue on your walls.

If you just moved into an apartment or home that a smoker lived in, it may be necessary to wash your walls to rid them of the yellow or orange tinged residue left from the nicotine. Washing your walls is a big job and you should devote an entire afternoon to this project, but once it is done, the walls will look clean and it will help get rid of any lingering smoke odor. If you or a family member smokes, you may need to do this on an annual basis in order to keep your walls looking fresh and clean.


1. Vacuum or dust your baseboards and windowsills before attempting to wash your walls. Once the dust is combined with water or the cleaning solution, it will turn into a muddy mess and be more difficult to clean.

2. Use a long handled dusting utensil or broom bristles to remove any cobwebs from the corners of your walls or ceiling.

3. Fill a mop bucket with a solution of 1 cup of clear, non-sudsing ammonia to 1 gallon of cool water. If your walls are extremely dingy from a heavy build up of nicotine, you may want to use as much as 2 cups of the ammonia.

4. Open the windows in your home, but particularly in the room where you will be working. It is wise to choose to do this project on a day when the weather is clear outside. Ammonia is an effective cleanser, but it does have a strong odor. If you can raise all the windows in your home and turn on ceiling or window fans, it will help to ventilate the rooms.

5. Stand on a chair or use a ladder to clean the top of your walls at least a foot down from the ceiling, using a large sponge dipped into the cleanser. If you do not do this, you may find that you will have to clean the ceiling area also, because it is difficult to use the flat mop without touching the ceiling surface.

6. Wipe the wet area with a dry, absorbent cloth after you have cleaned it.

7. Dip a flat sponge mop into the cleaning solution.

8. Squeeze the mop out thoroughly to prevent any drips.

9. Rub the flat mop over the dirty walls. Work from the top of the walls to the bottom. Using this method will enable you to wipe up any drips easily as you work toward the bottom.

10. Rinse out the flat sponge mop between each section and then attach a cleaning cloth to the flat mop and dry each area before moving on to clean another section.

11. Use the sponge to get the bottom portion of the walls and the baseboards, the flat mop will be too awkward in this area.

12. Clean and dry one section of the wall from the top to the bottom, before moving onto another section. You should be able to do about a 3-foot section at a time.

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