Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Remove Tobacco Smoke Stains On Doorways

Smoking isn't good for your health or your home.

If you've just moved into the former home of a smoker or someone in your family smokes, you've probably discovered the effects cigarette smoke can have on your doors and nearly everything else in your house. The nicotine in cigarettes causes things in the surrounding area to develop greasy yellow stains. In older homes the stains may have built up for years. While not the easiest or most pleasant job, you can remove cigarette smoke stains from your doors.


1. Create your cleaning solution in a bucket.

Fill a bucket halfway with warm water. Measure one cup of white vinegar, and pour it into the bucket of water.

2. A cleaning brush adds a little more "elbow grease."

Add half a cup of baking soda, which will cause the vinegar and water solution to foam a bit. Stir the mixture with your hand, and saturate your brush or cleaning rag with your cleaning solution.

3. Scrub repeatedly until the stain is gone.

Scrub the cigarette smoke-stained area with the scrub brush or rag. Each time you dip the brush into the cleaning solution, swirl it around a bit to keep the baking soda from settling. Depending upon the severity of the stain, you may have to work at the stain a bit with the solution and brush.

4. Rinse and wipe away the vinegar and baking soda solution.

Wipe the door down with plain water.

5. Dry the door with a clean towel.

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