Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Games That Create Drug Awareness

Games that cause drug awareness are widely available online through several awareness organization websites. Games that help to educate users about the dangers of drugs incorporate a variety of play styles, including quiz show style and free play modes. These games also include different drugs and information in each, giving players options to suit their gaming preferences.


The quiz "Pressured" from the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign is a game that focuses on the social pressures of drug use, aimed particularly at middle school and high school students. The game explores ways for players to handle peer pressure and avoid illicit drug use, but does explore some physical side effects of drug use.

Mouse Party

"Mouse Party" is an activity center that explores the physiological effects of different drugs on the brain. The player can drag mice effected by different drugs from a holding tank to an examination chair, where the drug's effect is examined. In a series of animated scenes, the game teaches the user about each area of the brain and the chemicals in different drugs.

Know the Facts

Another quiz from the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, "Know the Facts" focuses on the negative long-term effects of various drugs, including nicotine and alcohol. Another topic the quiz focuses on is using these substances from a young age, plus the negative societal effects of these substances. "Know the Facts" also touches on the effects of irresponsible sexual activity.

Sara's Quest

A game from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, "Sara's Quest", features a quiz style of play where users can explore the ways drugs interact with the users brain. Along with the effects of illegal drugs, the game also focuses on the effects of inhalants and nicotine. "Sara's Quest" also gives extensive information on each right or wrong answer.

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