Monday, December 2, 2013

Is Silly Putty Toxic To Dogs

Is Silly Putty Toxic to Dogs?

Silly Putty has been in production since 1950 and can be found as a toy in many homes. Because certain dogs are known to swallow things that were never meant to be eaten, some may wonder if a pet that ingests Silly Putty faces any dangers.


Silly Putty was created in the 1940s by James Wright during an experiment to discover a cheap substitute for rubber.


Silly Putty is a nontoxic substance and does not irritate the skin. It is not poisonous to pets if swallowed, but may present other problems.


When a dog consumes a foreign object, such as Silly Putty, an intestinal blockage or partial blockage can form.


Symptoms of an intestinal blockage may consist of frequent vomiting, particularly after eating or drinking, or not eating or defecating normally.


Some partial blockages can take months to diagnose since symptoms may not be severe. If a blockage is suspected, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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