Friday, December 6, 2013

Ways To Use Vapes

Vaporizers are a useful alternative to smoking, herbs, tobacco or medical marijuana. Their mode of action is to vaporize the active ingredient as opposed to igniting it. This means it is possible to inhale the active ingredient without many of the secondary negative side effects of smoking. They should not be used to control the addiction to either nicotine or the active ingredient in marijuana.

How it Works

Vaporizers are used as an alternative to smoking plant matter such as tobacco or medical marijuana. By heating the material desired in a vacuum, the active ingredients are aerosolized without burning. This means there are no toxic materials like tars or irritants from the smoke that will be inhaled. Because of this cleaner form of the active ingredient, less material is needed to inhale the same amount of the active ingredients in comparison with smoking.

Heat Sources

The vapors are created by either heat conduction, convection or thermal radiation. In heat conduction, the plant material is placed on a hot plate for vaporization. With convection, hot air surrounds the material, raising its temperature until the active ingredient essentially is sweated out of the material. With thermal radiation, the materials are introduced to a bright light, which heats the plants material until it gives off the active ingredient.


For some people looking for a cleaner way of getting a nicotine fix without the associated tar or carbon monoxide contained in smoke, the vaporizer can do the trick. It is not nearly as convenient as a cigarette that can be carried around in a pocket-size pack. Vapors from a vaporizer can be produced and then stored in an airtight bag for quick inhalation later. The use of a vaporizer in no way lowers the quality of nicotine inhaled from tobacco, so it should not be seen as a way to quit the addiction.

Medical Marijuana

Similar to tobacco users, people who want the medical benefits of marijuana without the side effects of smoking will often find the vaporizer the preferred method of inhalation. The materials vaporized must be somewhat moist or the desired sweating process will not work. Placing marijuana in a bag with an orange peel or a piece of bread for a few hours usually returns it to an appropriate moisture content for vaporizing.


Vaporizers can be purchased online or smoke shops where other smoking paraphernalia are sold. They are also typically available through medical marijuana stores. They come in all sizes, small for individual use or larger ones for communal use. Most have delicate pieces, so care should be taken when transporting or storing the vaporizer.

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