Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Prevent Smoke Damage From Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes can damage your health and your home.

Cigarette smoke can cause damage to your house, staining your walls and ceilings, and the odor can be difficult to remove. Cigarette odors are often unpleasant and overwhelming. If you or your guests smoke, there are some ways to help prevent the damage that cigarette smoke can cause. Although the only way to prevent damage 100 percent is to have smokers go outside, there are some simple things you can do to limit the damage from cigarette smoke in your home.


1. Encourage smokers to go outside to smoke. Set up an inviting area on a patio or in your yard that will make smoking outside more appealing. Make sure you have an ashtray outside to prevent cigarette butts from littering your yard.

2. Open windows and doors. When it is not possible for smokers to go outside, have guests smoke toward an open window to prevent smoke damage to your home.

3. Set up a "smoking room" inside the house that has an exhaust fan or box fans. If smoking outside is not feasible, this could help prevent smoke damage throughout the house.

4. Use a HEPA air purifier. Although air purifiers will not remove all smoke particles from your house, using one regularly will help prevent smoke damage from cigarettes.

5. Purchase a smokeless ashtray. It will help prevent smoke from seeping into your walls and furniture.

6. Set out at least two bowls of white vinegar in the house wherever smoking occurs. Vinegar will help eliminate the smoke odor.

7. Repaint your walls using an oil-based paint. Oil-based paints prevent stains, such as nicotine and smoke damage.

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