Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Risks Of Teens Cigarette Smoking

A study by the CDC shows 80 percent of smokers began before the age 18.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are highly addictive. The nicotine stimulates a person's central nervous system, causing a feel-good effect. The stimulation is short lived and the person feels depressed and fatigued after the feeling fades. This leads the person to seek more nicotine.

According to the, 28 percent of the U.S population (ages 12 and up) have used a tobacco product at least once a month. A study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) showed that 80 percent of smokers began smoking before the age 18. About 90 percent began smoking before 21.

Teen smoking contributors include low socioeconomic status, seeing parents smoke, lack of parental support, and low self-esteem. Even for teens who have only been smoking a short time, nicotine addiction is very hard to overcome.

Long-term dangers

Cigarettes contain high levels of nicotine. In addition, they contains a dozen gases, including carbon monoxide and tar. This exposure raises the chance of developing lung cancer, emphysema, chronic cough and other bronchial disorders. Carbon monoxide in smoke increases the user's odds of developing several cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease.


According to the CDC, approximately 3,900 teens under 18 try smoking each day. Of those teens, about 1,500 will become regular smokers. The study also found that teens who smoke are more likely to engage in risky behavior than those who do not smoke. Teens may show a tendency for violence and high-risk sexual behavior. Teen smokers are also more likely to use drugs and alcohol. Research suggests teenagers who smoke are more likely to try marijuana.


Smoking reduces a teen's stamina, which could make the person appear tired or run down. In addition, smoking causes bad breath and yellow teeth and stained fingernails. The smoke gets onto clothes and in hair, making the person smell bad. Smoking also increases the chances for premature wrinkles.


Not only is smoking bad for a teenager's health, it is bad for the wallet. Smoking is an expensive habit. According to the CDC, just purchasing one pack of cigarettes a day costs about $1,000 a year.

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