Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Smoking & Fatigue

Smoking can aggravate several conditions that contribute to fatigue. Nicotine interferes with the blood sugar levels in the body as well, so even normally healthy people may experience chronic fatigue from using tobacco products. The best cure for fatigue caused by or made worse from smoking is to quit. Understanding the way smoking affects the brain and controls the chemicals that regulate the body can smokers quit and control their fatigue.

Oxygen Levels

Smoking inhibits the oxygen levels in the blood. This robs the brain and muscles of energy. It slows down every function of the body. When oxygen is reduced, your body tries to sleep to avoid being depleted and damaging vital organs. Smokers manage to keep moving through the body's signals to stop because nicotine is a stimulant. Nicotine is a cruel taskmaster: spurring the body on and withholding oxygen at the same time.

Regulation of Blood Sugar

Nicotine takes control of the body's blood sugar levels. When a smoker is in a position where he's not allowed to smoke either by law or surroundings, even a temporary withdrawal can cause a severe drop in blood sugar that brings on fatigue. Smoking a cigarette appears to stimulate smokers, so they misinterpret it to mean smoking is good and helps them stay alert.

Conditions Worsened By Smoking

Several of the chemicals present in cigarettes are known to trigger episodes of both CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and fibromyalgia. The formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and acetone that complicate both illnesses are just a few of the hundreds of chemicals present in tobacco products.

Fighting Smoker's Fatigue

Normal fatigue caused by smoking can be helped by an improved diet. Adding fruit juices to your daily menu and making sure your diet is well-balanced with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will help you regulate blood sugars. Keep fruit handy throughout the day to give yourself a healthy boost instead of reaching for high sugar snacks.

Quitting and Fatigue

The best remedy for smoker's fatigue is to quit smoking. Quitting results in a sudden drop in blood sugar and time required for the body to learn once again regulate its levels. During that time it may appear that the fatigue is worse, but that feeling will be only temporary.

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