Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bad Details On Smoking

Bad Facts on Smoking

One of the most annoying things a smoker can hear from anyone is "Smoking is bad for you." Yet, it is true fact that after a few years of smoking the risk of long-term illnesses increases. On average, most long-term smokers began to smoke within their teenage years to early 20s, and by the time they have their own children, most lungs are no longer able to sustain a great deal of running around and physical activities. In the United States alone, over 4,000 teenagers smoke their first cigarette every day.


The average cigarette contains 599 ingredients with over 4,000 chemicals held within those ingredients. Many of those chemicals have an immediate poisonous effect on the human body if taken in larger doses. Chemicals such as acetone, arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde, nicotine, tar, ammonia and carbon dioxide are only a few of those poisonous chemicals found within cigarettes and cigarette smoke.

Lung Restriction

Over 40 chemicals found within each cigarette are commonly known to start the process of cancer within the smoker's body, but the first main problem with these chemicals is that they also restrict healthy movement of the lungs.

Regular or Lights?

The idea that smoking a light cigarette is healthier than actually smoking a regular cigarette is misleading, because the chemicals found within regular cigarettes are still found within light cigarettes.

Broken Filter

Do not assume that filters make smoking safer. The tar found within cigarettes is still passed into the lungs through the smoke, which is inhaled with several other lung-damaging chemicals.


Traces of nicotine can be found within a nursing mother's breast milk if she smokes and can also be found within every part of a smoker's body. Nicotine hits the brain within seconds of the inhalation of a cigarette.

Just Not Well

Regular times of being unwell is commonly found within long-term smokers. Common colds and ailments increase as years of smoking pass by, if you haven't already been diagnosed with cancer.

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