Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quit Smoking With Quit Line

Quit Line can help you quit smoking by walking you through the process.

Quit Line is a free website that offers resources and materials to assist people in quitting smoking. The first step in the plan is answering questions to come up with a Quit Plan. This will help you evaluate your current situation and addiction level, along with providing methods of coping with the withdrawal symptoms that you might experience. You will be required to set a Quit Date and will be walked through the entire process. Additional resources are available if you need them.


1. Open a Web browser, and visit the Quit Line website (see Resources).

2. Click "My Quit Tools" on the top of the page, and select "I'm Ready to Quit" from the menu.

3. Click "Make a Quit Plan" and enter your name, age and how long you've smoked into the appropriate boxes. Click the arrow on the bottom of the page.

4. Fill out the rest of the pages in the Quit Plan, which include information about your current smoking habits, things that trigger you or make you want to smoke and coping mechanisms you're going to use after quitting.

5. Print out your Quit Plan and hang it somewhere prominent, such as your refrigerator.

6. Follow the steps suggested by Quit Line for quitting: pick a date you're going to quit, reduce your smoking up until that date, tell everyone about your plan so they can be supportive, figure out what causes you to want to smoke, get rid of all cigarettes so you're not tempted, buy lots of gum and candy and find someone who is willing to quit with you.

7. Wait until your scheduled quit day, then give up cigarettes completely. Quit Line suggests that you wash all of your clothing, exercise regularly, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, avoid triggering locations such as bars and get rid of things such as ashtrays that remind you of smoking.

8. Contact local resources if you need additional support. These can be found by accessing the Local Resources page of Quit Line (see Resources) and selecting your county from the drop-down list.

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