Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Affects The Mental Growth And Development Of Your Child

A child's behavior is governed by many factors.

A toddler's behavior will depend on a wide range of outside influences. His social development will be affected by his family or nursery, number of siblings, where he lives and his parents' lifestyle. The nature versus nurture debate questions how much influence environment has on a child and how much his personality is set from birth.

Family Life

All families have their own way of doing things. They have ways of disciplining and rewarding children that might seem alien to another family. These differences can be social or cultural, but they will all have an effect on the child's psychological development. Strict parenting can make a child feel secure but also give him less opportunity to develop his own ideas.

First Born or Baby

Where a child fits in with his siblings can have a marked effect on his psychological development. The eldest child tends to have most attention as the parents are learning deal with each new situation. Second or middle children, by contrast, can follow the path made by their older siblings, and parents tend to worry less about them The baby of a family is often treated as younger than his years and kept as a baby for longer than necessary.

Changes in Routine

Your toddler thrives on routine and loves to understand what is happening next. A routine means he can absorb new experiences at his own pace without worrying about where his next meal will be or if he will be thirsty or tired. Changes in routine, such as moving your home or the breakup of a marriage, can be very difficult for a toddler, especially when he does not have the language skills to understand why things are different.

Potty Training

Potty training can be traumatic for a toddler. Although many children have no difficulties, the experience of bed-wetting and coming out of diapers can disturb some toddlers who dislike being dirty or wet. Make sure your child is old enough to express himself verbally before potty training.

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