Friday, August 9, 2013

Prevent Child Poisoning In Your Own Home

Not every substance poisonous to children is obviously labeled.

Poisoning in children can lead to death. Kids can accidentally get poisoned with substances and items at home such as cleaning products, medicines, drugs, vitamins, alcohol, paint and even plants. Exercising caution and possessing adequate knowledge on prevent child poisoning at home is critical.


1. Buy medicines and vitamins with childproof caps.

2. Store medicine and vitamins out of your child's reach. If you have visitors coming over to your house, ask if they have any medicines. Put these medicines out of your child's reach as well.

3. Never tell children that medicine or vitamins is candy. Always refer to medicine as "medicine" and let your child know what it is for and the danger that comes with it when it is improperly used.

4. Read labels carefully before giving your child his medicine. This prevents accidental overdose or giving the wrong medicine to the child.

5. Store all cleaning and body products and other poisonous substances in locked cabinets.

6. Keep products in their original containers with labels so you will know what is stored in a specific container. Never put poisonous substances in food jars or bottle. Lock them away in a safe place out of sight from kids.

7. Do not let your children peel off old paint from surfaces in your home. They may accidentally eat the paint and get lead poisoning.

8. Never mix cleaning products like bleach and ammonia because the result can give off a poison gas that can make people in your household, including children, very sick.

9. Keep your child away when using chemicals inside the house. Some chemicals have very strong fumes that are harmful to kids. Children could also touch and eat those chemicals and poison themselves when you are not looking.

10. Do not let your child near plants unless you are sure they are not poisonous. Your child can get poisoned if he eats certain plants inside and outside your home.

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