Monday, August 26, 2013

Clean Yellowing Refrigerator Door Handles

Clean Yellowing Refrigerator Door Handles

Plastic refrigerator door handles turn yellow over time for many reasons. Transfer of dirt and oils from hands to handle surfaces can cause yellowing. In addition, many handles inevitably yellow with age from reactions to chemicals and heat (including sunlight), causing permanent damage. Although old, damaged handles typically require replacement, you can use a few household cleaning items to clean and restore most yellowing refrigerator door handles or at least brighten and enhance the handles' appearance.


1. Moisten a scratch-resistant scrubbing pad with warm water.

2. Sprinkle baking soda on the pad and, using light pressure, scrub your refrigerator door handle. Rinse and repeat as needed. If the stain persists, continue to Step 3.

3. Soak the scrubbing pad in 2 tbsp. of distilled white vinegar, sprinkle again with baking soda and scrub the handle in circles, applying medium pressure. If the stain persists, continue to Step 4.

4. Rinse the scrubbing pad. Apply two to three pea-sized dabs of toothpaste to it. Scrub the handle with the pad again, applying medium pressure.

5. Clean with a slightly harsher abrasive such as a melamine resin foam eraser if you believe that the yellowing is due to staining rather than plastic damage and the other methods didn't work. Soak the eraser in water, squeeze out any excess and gently rub (do not scrub) any yellow areas on your refrigerator door handle.

6. Wipe the handle with a wet, lint-free microfiber cloth when finished.

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