Thursday, August 29, 2013

Clean Computer Equipment

A computer CPU fan/heatsink

Computer equipment can become coated or filled with dust, pet hair, nicotine (tar) stains and dirt. If your computer is still under a service warranty, the best course of action is to have the internal components professionally cleaned and serviced by the manufacturer or dealer. If not, it is possible to safely clean some computer equipment and devices at home or in the office.


1. Shut down the computer and unplug it. Turn off and unplug any external drives or devices.

2. Clean the outside of the computer case with a damp cloth, then touch something metal to eliminate static charge.

3. Remove nicotine stains from computer cases by dampening a cloth with a small amount of ammonia and rub until the stain disappears.

4. Open the computer case according to the instructions in your owner's manual.

5. Use a can of compressed air to clean around the fans and power supply. If necessary, use a tiny paint brush to remove dust around fan blades and the CPU heatsink.

6. Use an anti-static cloth dampened with electronic cleaning fluid to remove dust balls, dirt, nicotine and pet hair from the metal walls and floor of the case. Close the case when finished.

7. Use a soft cloth dampened with plain water to clean a CRT monitor screen.

Use a dry microfiber cleaning cloth designed for camera lenses to clean LCD screens.

Clean monitor casings with a damp cloth, and use compressed air to remove dust from monitor vents.

8. Hold your keyboard upside down and shake it, or use compressed air to blow out dirt and debris.

Use a damp cloth to clean the casing and keys.

9. Clean a trackball mouse by twisting the bottom retaining ring counter-clockwise.

Remove the ring and trackball, then clean them with a damp cloth.

Use a cotton swab dampened with alcohol to remove dirt from the rollers and mouse cavity.

Replace the trackball and retaining ring.

Clean the outside of the mouse and mousepad with a damp cloth.

10. Clean the casing of an optical or laser mouse with a damp cloth.

Use compressed air or a cotton swab to remove dust from the lens area.

11. Clean laptops and notebooks as follows: clean the casing with a damp cloth; use a microfiber cloth to clean the LCD screen; and blow dust from the vents with a can of compressed air.

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