Monday, August 12, 2013

Prevent Cluster Head aches

Headaches Effect On Brain

A cluster headache is an unusual state characterized by short-lived attacks of rapid, harsh pain around one of the eyes. These are called cluster headaches, as they come in groups or bunches. A person afflicted by these headaches may get them for several weeks or months, having respite only for small periods of varying duration. Cluster headaches are less common than migraines and tension headaches. More number of men are affected by these headaches than in comparison to women. During these spasms of headaches, the afflicted person's eye and nose may become red, puffy, bloated and runny. The victim usually stays very restless and nervous.

If you are suffering from cluster headaches, there are certain things that you can do to prevent them. By identifying and avoiding certain headache triggers, you can reduce their severity and duration.


1. Reduce stress. Many people develop these cluster headaches once a stressful event in their lives is over. Exercising regularly reduces stress, which in turn aids in reducing headaches, and also keeps you healthy.

2. Maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Avoid certain dairy products and processed meats. Bacon and bleu cheese are known triggers for headaches. Restrict your intake of alcohol, as it is also a direct trigger of cluster headaches.

3. Maintain regular sleeping patterns. Your erratic sleep patterns could play havoc by bringing on these cluster headaches. Sleep and get up around the same times each day.

4. Restrict cigarette smoking. Nicotine is a significant trigger for such headaches. Nicotine tends to raise your blood pressure, leading to a cluster headache

5. Preventive medicines are now available for cluster headaches. Surgical treatment is another option for more severe cluster headaches.

6. Bathing with very hot water brings on these headaches.

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