Friday, August 16, 2013

Capri Ultra Lights Details

Capri cigarettes are thinnger than most other cigarettes.

R.J. Reynolds is the company that makes all versions of Capri cigarettes. In addition to Capri, it also manufactures Camel, Pall Mall, Kool, Winston, Salem and Misty cigarettes. Capri cigarettes stand out from the other cigarettes because of its super slim design; it was the first super slim cigarette. While Misty cigarettes are also slim, Capri is marketed as the more luxurious brand. There are two versions of ultra light cigarettes: Violet 100's and Menthol Jade 100's. They are virtually made of the same ingredients except one has menthol and the other does not.


Capri cigarettes were launched in 1987. These cigarettes were originally marketed towards women as a sexy and fashionable cigarette.


Capri is touted itself as the "super slim" cigarette. When you compare it to other cigarettes, you find that it is very slim. These ultra light cigarettes are 17 mm in circumference. This is much slimmer than other slim cigarettes that are normally 23 mm in circumference. A standard cigarette is 25 mm.


The Capri Jade Menthol Ultra Light 100's are menthol cigarettes. This means that menthol is added as flavoring. This gives it the minty taste that some smokers enjoy. The maximum percentage of menthol in the Jade Ultra Lights is 2.84 percent.


Tobacco is the main ingredient in both the ultra light cigarettes. Tobacco is what causes users to become addicted to cigarettes. It has been linked to many forms of cancer, including lung cancer.

Other Ingredients

There are several other ingredients used in both cigarettes. A minimal amount of water is used in both ultra light cigarettes as a humectant, processing aid and solvent. Glycerol is also used as a humectant. Honey and cocoa is used as casing. Cocoa is also as flavor. Cellulose Fiber is used as an aid in formulation. Propylene glycol is used as a solvent, flavor and humectant. Diammonium phosphate is used as flavoring. Ammonium hydroxide is used as flavoring and used to modify the pH balance.


Capri Ultra Light cigarettes are no safer than regular Capri cigarettes. According to the National Cancer Institute, they are called ultra-light because the filter has ventilation holes that dilute the smoke with air, it blends tobacco with other products (listed in the previous sections) and has filters that trap tar. But that filter does not stop a smoker from inhaling the same amount of tar that would be inhaled from a regular cigarette. The National Cancer Institute also states that according to studies, the use of light cigarettes has not lowered the risk of diseases caused by smoking.

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