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Detox Herbal treatments

Detox Herbs

Herbs have been used for centuries to purify the body of toxins. Herbal remedies offer many ways to detox the body. Purifying herbs can be administered in a variety of ways. In most cases, herbs are a safe way to help the body do what it does naturally--detox the system and promote healthy systemic functions.


Herbal detox remedies help the body remove toxins and other harmful substances that can cause illnesses. While some detox programs can have unpleasant side effects, if detoxifying herbs are tolerated, complaints, such as headaches and lethargy, can be minimized or avoided. The point is to help the body, not cause it further discomfort. (Herbal detox information and recipes are cited from "Mind, Body, Spirit, "Your Simple Herbal Detox." Information about specific herbs is also cited from Balch, James, M.D., "Prescription for Nutritional Healing," New York: Avery, 2000).


There are many ways to use herbs to cleanse impurities from the blood and organs. Infusions of flowers and leaves and dense and woody herbs can be ingested as teas of tonics. Herbal baths are a soothing way to administer detoxifying herbs. Even herbs used in foods serve cleansing purposes.


Herbal teas are absorbed by the digestive system and help to eliminate waste. Herbal baths allow the skin to absorb purifying herbal properties and to release toxins through the pores. Culinary herbs, such as garlic and parsley, are popular ways to cleanse the digestive system and boost the immune system.


Cleansing herbal baths offer the purifying properties of herbs while soothing the body and spirit with hot water. As bathwater raises body temperature, pores sweat out toxins. Herbal baths can be enjoyed once a week. Using a small muslin bag or even a stocking, place a handful of lemon balm, chamomile or lavender into the bag. Tie the bag to the faucet so that the pouring water flows through the bag. Once finished with the bath, lie down, staying warm, and relax. Do not use chamomile if youare allergic to ragweed. A simple and effective detox tea infuses a blend of two parts each red clover blossom, cleavers, dandelion leaf and stinging nettle with one part sage. Infuse into 1 cup of boiling distilled water. Steep for 10 minutes, strain and drink while hot.

Detox herbs

Among the herbs that help the body to cleanse are burdock, sheep sorrell and nettle. Burdock is a diuretic and induces perspiration. Considered one of the best blood purifiers, burdock is ingested as a decoction or infusion. Sheep sorrell's leaves and seeds have properties that actively purify blood and work as an effective kidney tonic. Drink as an infusion to strengthen the immune system and stimulate the synthesis of proteins and to aid in liver regeneration. Nettle is less active, but similar to burdock. Nettle's cleansing action affects more than the kidneys. Usually consumed as an infusion, nettle leaves can be boiled to rid it of its stinging properties.


Some people think that herbs are completely safe to use and that it is not necessary to consult a healthcare provider. That is not true. Some people are allergic to certain herbs. Some herbs must never be taken by people with hypoglycemia or by pregnant women. There may be negative interactions with medications. Begin a detox program with a clear understanding of what herbs function in what ways. Even a simple herbal bath can cause problems if one is allergic to an herb. Additionally, since some detox herbs have diuretic properties, it is important to drink plenty of distilled water. All cautions considered, most detox herbs are safe and are effective means to cleanse the body of illness-causing toxins.

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