Monday, August 19, 2013

Exactly What Is A Physical & Urinalysis For Employment

Physical and urinalysis exams are required by some employers before offering employment.

Physical and urinalysis exams are required by some employers before offering employment. These exams are done for several reasons and in most cases done by a laboratory that offers pre-employment testing.

Employment Law

Several state and federal laws determine the conditions under which an employer may require job applicants to undergo testing before hiring them. Physical and urinalysis testing is done with the job applicant's consent.

Why Do Physical and Urinalysis Testing?

Testing is done to ensure a safe workplace. For occupations that involve equipment operation, driving or physical labor, it's important to test applicants to limit accidents and injuries.

Physical Examination

In most cases, a physical examination involves very basic physical testing including vital signs, hearing, eye sight and balance.

Urination Analysis

Urination analysis can involve several levels of analysis, often referred to as a panel test. Panel tests can include testing for street and prescription drugs, which can remain in the body for up to 30 days.


If an employer requests physical or urinalysis testing, it's important to be truthful to the testing facility or human resources department. Some employers will not immediately disregard an applicant for a positive test result or physical ailments.

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