Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stop Smoking If You Take A Holiday

There are two problems for smokers who want to quit: the addiction and the habit. The addiction can be treated with nicotine patches, nicotine gum, antidepressants and other methods. The habit--having a cigarette after meals, taking smoke breaks with coworkers and wanting a cigarette when under stress--must be dealt with separately. An effective way is to completely remove yourself from your normal environment and routines. Take a vacation. Follow these steps to start planning one.


1. See your doctor. Start whatever quitting method you think you'll follow. Experts now recommend that this be started two weeks before you actually quit smoking.

2. Book a vacation for yourself and your family. Visit a state that prohibits smoking in all restaurants and bars. If possible, go when the weather is either very hot or very cold so you're not tempted to stand outdoors and smoke.

3. Reserve non-smoking hotel rooms and rental cars.

4. Smoke your last cigarette just before leaving your home for the airport or train station. Don't drive your own car to your destination because you will be tempted to smoke during the trip.

5. While on vacation, avoid doing anything that you once did while smoking. If you enjoyed a cigarette with coffee in the morning, sleep late. If you smoke while drinking alcohol, make your vacation a "dry" one. Instead, choose activities that require some physical exertion so you won't want to smoke while doing them. You may even notice improvements in your lung capacity and stamina.

6. When you return home, don't go back to work immediately. Take a couple of days to get used to your usual home routines without smoking.

7. Return to work claiming to have acquired a new perspective on your life while on vacation. Use this excuse to change your work routines so you won't be around your coworkers who smoke.

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