Friday, August 9, 2013

Practice Anger Management Whenever A Pitta Ayurveda Mindbody Type

Pitta is the mind-body type identified with fire and water in Ayurveda, an Indian medical approach that dates back 5,000 years. Ayurveda gives us details on eat in a way to support health and treat illness and disease. Of the 3 mind-body types, or doshas, Pitta is most active in summer. Most Pittas are of medium build, with good muscle mass, tend to be athletic, assertive and competitive. Balanced, Pittas are productive, hard-working, are able to command a situation and have the energy to do their work. Imbalanced, Pittas may be domineering, demanding, overbearing, bossy or insensitive to others. Heat is a theme for Pittas--they may even have a red or flushed appearance to the face and skin. This heat can be expressed in explosive anger that is disruptive. Ayurveda provides practical advice for anger management for the “little volcanoes” known as imbalanced Pittas.


1. Get regular exercise daily. Athletic by nature this will not be a chore for most Pittas. Running before work or biking to it is a way to channel Pittas’ considerable drive. Resistance training, yoga, swimming or walking hills and stairs will all help reduce tension and all exercise is important for stress—and anger management.

2. Reduce spicy foods and caffeine. Ayurveda counsels Pittas to eat foods that are astringent, bitter and sweet. Greatly lessen or avoid foods that are sour (like fermented foods), salty (use dried seaweed such as dulse or other low-salt alternatives) or pungent.

3. Learn meditate every day for 10 minutes or longer. Sit quietly with eyes closed, inhaling for a count of 4, pausing and exhaling for a count of 6 to 8. Continue for the 10 minutes or longer. Set a timer to end the meditation session to spare you the trouble of tracking time. This breathing exercise and meditation will help you to learn how exhale when you are feeling stressed or in a confrontational situation.

4. Notice your physical and emotional symptoms before you lose your temper. Pittas report they go from zero to 100 in anger if they are at that point of upset. Do you feel your face get flushed as your anger rises? Or do your hands begin to sweat? If these are your signals, use the breathing exercise: inhale for 4 exhale for 6 for several rounds. Doing so activate the parasympathetic nervous system: decreasing digestion, heart rate and blood pressure and calming the flame of angry upset.

5. Learn be responsive rather than reactive. Pittas are hard-driving by nature. Back up and slow down: respond to crises at work and home as if you in the most matter of fact way you can muster. Do not allow your anger to rise: do what needs to be done and do not let your emotions rev you up. Use the breathing exercise as you work or delegate.

6. Stay out of the heat of summer. Summer is prime Pitta season when angers can flare. Stay out of the direct sun from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you must be outside, shade the face with a hat and drink plenty of fluids. Hot temperatures and spicy foods test the temper of fiery Pittas.

7. Schedule non-productive down time. Pittas are high achievers. Book a massage, facial, manicure or hair cut every month--resting while someone else is pampering you in a health-supportive way will allow Pittas’ fire to lower. Or indulge in guilty pleasures such as eating popcorn and watching old movies or terrible TV shows you would not dare others know you enjoy. Unhinge with non-competitive hobbies.

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