Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Avoid Negativity


Sadly, the most influential thing in a person's life is the media as opposed to family, church, school, and friends like in the 1950's that influenced people then. The consequence for such negative change, has been that as a society we are filled with negative attitudes, negative emotions and negative actions. We have allowed corrupt yet glorified ideas to sicken our minds and consume our thoughts. Avoiding negativity is easier said than done but can be accomplished if you really try.


1. Examine your life. Make a mental note of the negative factors in your life. What are some changes you can make to remove the negativity? Are you the main source of negativity? Are there circumstances in your life which have made you unhappy? Start by examining yourself and making the change within you.

2. Examine your actions at home. If you have a family, your negativity can be affecting your family as well. Try to be encouraging and joyful and set an example for your family to follow. This way positivity will overflow in your home.

3. Examine your relationships with your friends and co-workers. Are there people in your life who create more negative emotions than positive ones in you? If you feel there are people in your life which make your life stressful, you should try to cut off any relationship with them or cut back on time spent with them.

4. Examine the types of shows you are watching on Television. Have they, at all, had any type of effect on your mood? Negativity is contagious. If you are watching negative things, you are bound to negativity. Stay away from negative things you are watching on T.V. and crowding your thoughts the rest of the day.

5. Examine the things you are listening to. Music has a great power over people. If the message on a song is depressing, chances are the listener will be saddened. The same goes for a song that is expresses joy, chances are you will feel encouraged. Stay away from negativity you are listening to on the radio.

6. Examine the things you are reading. The same goes for the books you read. Be careful with the items you take hold of and become part of. You could be acquiring negativity by engaging in such things.

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