Thursday, November 21, 2013

Do You Know The Unwanted Effects Of Scaling & Planing For Nicotine gums

What are the Side Effects of Scaling & Planing for Gums?

Tooth scaling and planing remove bacteria and debris that exists below the gum line. The procedure reduces the effects of gum disease and helps the gums adhere more firmly to the teeth.


Both procedures reduce the inflammation in and below the gums. Inflammation from gum disease potentially leads to bone and tooth loss. These procedures can halt and reverse this damage from gum disease.


According to, "One common side effect of periodontal scaling is sensitivity to hot and cold, due to exposed roots after the gum shrinks." This will decrease with time, though.


Expect some bleeding for the first few days after the procedure. It should clear up on its own within that time. If you have excessive bleeding or bleeding that lasts more than a week, consult your dentist.


Smoking impedes the healing process, so abstain from smoking for at least a few days after the procedure. According to Cooley Smiles General and Cosmetic Dentistry, " careful of foods that can get lodged between the gums and tooth (i.e. popcorn, nut, chips, etc.)."

After Care

The procedure results in gum tenderness, but you still need to clean them. Cooley Smiles General and Cosmetic Dentistry recommends, "On the day of scaling and root planing, gently brush around the gum line. Start flossing the day after the procedure is done."

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