Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Info On Herbal Cigarettes

A box of cigarettes such as these can contain either tobacco or an herbal blend.

While tobacco is the most familiar cigarette filler, there are several alternatives available to those who are more health conscious or are trying to quit smoking tobacco. Most of these alternatives contain one or several herbs in the mixture.


There are many types of herbal cigarettes on the market that contain various smokable herbs. Cornsilk, lemongrass, rose, mint and cinnamon are all common parts of herbal cigarette mixtures. Most herbal cigarettes contain herbs without psychoactive properties; however, some herbal cigarettes do contain legal substances which are mildly psychoactive.


There is much speculation as to how healthy herbal cigarettes are. Smoking anything is usually detrimental in some way to the smoker's health. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ash, and tar enter the lungs and cause damage. However, herbal cigarettes are much less damaging than tobacco cigarettes, and some herbs actually have a few positive health effects when smoked--mullein, for instance, is believed to heal the lungs from damage caused by tobacco smoke.


There are many different brands of herbal cigarettes, such as Arkopharma, Guocao, Han Cao, Herbal Gold, Honeyrose, Jambi, Nirdosh, NosmoQ, Quism and Smoke Free.


Herbal cigarettes have several uses. For some, they are a tobacco alternative. People who do not wish to become addicted to nicotine smoke herbal cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are also used as a tobacco quitting aid; the smoker transitions from tobacco cigarettes to herbal cigarettes and eventually quits the herbal cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are also used on occasion by those who seek to obtain the positive effects of the smoke of certain herbs.

Legal Buds

Do not confuse the so called "Legal Buds" as being similar to herbal cigarettes. Legal Buds contain synthesized cannibinoid analogs, which means they have chemicals which might get you high, but aren't natural and aren't very healthy. They are in an entirely different category from herbal cigarettes.

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