Friday, November 29, 2013

Stop Smoking Whenever A Light Smoker

Quit Smoking When
a Light Smoker

If you smoke four or less cigarettes a day, you are considered a light smoker; however, that does not mean that you have less health risks due to your habit. Studies show that just four cigarettes a day can triple the risk for heart disease and lung cancer. Fortunately, a light smoking habit is easier to kick than a heavy one and a few tips can help.


1. Choose a set day to quit smoking. In the days leading up to your quit date, clean house, washing clothing that may smell like smoke, shampooing carpets, cleaning out the car and tossing the ashtrays. The fewer reminders you have on your quit day, the easier it will be to resist.

2. Spend your last week as a smoker smoking a brand of cigarettes that you don't like to help move your mind in a negative direction about smoking. The night before the big day, destroy your cigarettes and throw them away where you cannot get to them. You should also toss matches, lighters and any other ashtrays laying around so that the next day your house is clean and free of all smoking paraphernalia.

3. Pay attention to your smoking habits, taking note of your regular smoke breaks, for example, with your morning coffee, after eating, during breaks at work, etc. Try to find a way to break those habits, for instance, you might chew gum or a toothpick after eating and read a book during breaks.

4. Be patient with yourself, as you will feel tired and a bit cranky. Search for ways to calm your mind and emotions when cravings become strong. You might meditate, workout, drink water, read a book or call a supportive friend. Planning ahead about how you will deal with your cravings is an important step in quitting smoking successfully.

5. Help your body to flush the nicotine and get over the initial withdrawl phase by drinking plenty of water, exercising and taking up to 2500 mg of Vitamin C. Chewable Vitamin C is often helpful for smokers as it can help relieve the oral fixation throughout the day, while the vitamin helps to curb cravings.

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