Monday, December 2, 2013

Cure Halitosis (Foul Breath)

Don't let bad breath ruin your self-confidence.

Few things are more embarrassing than bad breath. If you know that you have bad breath, also called halitosis, you can become very self-conscious about it. Bad breath is usually caused by some type of underlying problem. Some of the causes of halitosis may be dental problems, smoking, poor hygiene or diet. Although bad breath is unappealing and tends to be a recurring problem, fortunately it is a problem that can be fixed after some investigation.

Quit Smoking

Stop smoking and chewing tobacco. If you've ever smelled an ashtray up close, you know that tobacco leaves behind foul odors. Unfortunately, tobacco also gives your breath a chronically unpleasant smell. There is no way to solve the bad breath caused by smoking or chewing tobacco, other than to give up smoking. Use nicotine-replacement products or see a doctor, if you need assistance with quitting tobacco.

Eliminate Offending Foods

Identify and avoid the foods that are most likely to cause bad breath. Although there may be some variation among foods that cause bad breath, onions, garlic, sugar and dairy foods are common causes of bad breath. If you chew gum, however, that only covers up the problem and does not fixes it. Bad breath is caused by food in the stomach as your digestive system breaks down the food. Avoiding these foods may be the only way to eliminate the bad breath associated with these foods.

Improve Dental Hygiene

Care for your teeth. Poor dental hygiene is another common cause of bad breath. Food trapped in your teeth or in dentures, and excess plaque can cause bacteria to grow, which produces unpleasant odors. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. See a dentist for professional cleanings every six months, and seek attention for any dental problems. In addition, make sure you drink enough water to rinse out any bacteria in your mouth.

See a Doctor

Seek medical attention, especially if self-care methods do not solve the problem. Halitosis can be caused by several medical conditions, including sinus infections, tonsillitis and even diabetes. Many medications can also cause bad breath -- particularly medications that cause dry mouth. Ask your doctor if he recommends switching to a different medication that might not cause this side effect.

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