Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nicorette Unwanted Effects

Nicorette is a nicotine gum that is used to help an individual quit smoking. This gum allows an individual to slowly decrease the amount of nicotine that he is taking in, which allows him to wean himself off of the tobacco products.


Nicorette may alter the way that the platelets in the blood group together, which can contribute to the development of blood clots.

Cardiovascular Effects

Nicorette may affect the way that the heart beats, which may cause an individual's blood pressure to be higher than normal, the heart to beat faster or slower than it usually beats and/or the heart to beat at an irregular pace.

Gastrointestinal Effects

The gastrointestinal side effects that are typically associated with Nicorette include diarrhea, dry mouth, indigestion, nausea and stomach discomfort. These side effects are common as they occur in 5 to 6 percent of Nicorette users according to the Drugs website.

Neurological Impact

Dizziness, headaches, insomnia, irritability, a lightheaded feeling, dreams that are stranger than normal and tremors are common side effects of Nicorette--occurring in 3 to 12 percent of Nicorette users according to the Drugs website.

Other Effects

Nicorette may aggravate a preexisting breathing problem, interfere with the body's ability to use insulin, cause an allergic reaction and/or cause pain in the joints or muscles. However, these side effects are rare.

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