Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Commit Quit Smoking Lozenges Unwanted Effects

Commit Stop Smoking lozenges are a tool used to help people conquer their addiction to nicotine. According to the product information, the lozenges themselves contain a controlled dosage of nicotine (see Resources). When released steadily throughout the day, the nicotine in the medication helps decrease the cravings smokers feel. As with any other type of medication, Commit may cause side effects in some people, and should only be used on the advice of your doctor.


Commit's packaging details proper dosage guidelines in a number of steps to help people quit smoking. If you use more of the product than recommended, or more often than suggested, you are more likely to experience side effects.


Nausea is one of the side effects you may experience when using Commit. This side effect occurs most often if you bite or chew the lozenge rather than allowing it to dissolve in your mouth.


You may develop frequent hiccups if you take more than one lozenge at the same time or use them back-to-back throughout the day. Recommended dosing includes using the product every one to two or two to four hours, depending on your progress.


Heartburn and indigestion can be side effects from Commit Stop Smoking lozenges. Speak to your doctor if the heartburn becomes intolerable.

Sleep Disturbance

According to Commit's website, insomnia is a rare side effect, but it does effect some users (see Resources).


Some users of this and other nicotine step-down programs suffer from headaches.

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