Monday, March 24, 2014

Curb Nicotine Addiction In Adolescence

Nicotine Addiction

Teenagers are perhaps more susceptible to nicotine addiction than adults, particularly if they feel pressure to smoke from their peers. Adolescence is filled with stress and anxiety that seems to be helped by smoking cigarettes, but teens are just as capable as adults of curbing their nicotine addiction. Help from adults, a strong desire to quit and knowledge about addiction in general are essential to stopping this habit.


1. Use your activities to your advantage. Curbing nicotine addiction in adolescence is in some ways easier than doing it as an adult because your activities can keep you from smoking. Going to school, spending time with your parents and participating in extracurricular activities will limit your opportunities to smoke.

2. List your reasons for quitting. These might include improving your health, eliminating the smell, regaining the respect of your family and avoiding legal trouble. When you have your list, write each reason on a separate scrap of paper and put them in visible places around your home, such as above your computer and beside your bed. This will serve as a constant reminder of your motivation.

3. Ask a doctor about withdrawal medications. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can double your chances of quitting successfully, and might include gum, patches, inhalers, lozenges and nasal sprays. To curb nicotine addiction in adolescence, however, you shouldn't use these implements without the supervision of a parent or physician for health reasons.

4. Quit cold turkey. Trying to cut back by one cigarette a day is rarely successful, and you'll simply prolong your decision to quit. Flush your remaining cigarettes down the toilet and refuse to allow yourself to buy another pack. Resolution is your number one ally for quitting.

5. Find a replacement hobby. This is often the easiest way to curb nicotine addiction, and may be easier in adolescence than in adulthood. Play a sport, join a club, learn to play an instrument or read a book; whenever you get the urge to smoke, participate in the hobby instead. This creates a positive association with quitting.

6. Talk to your parents. Even if they don't know that you have been suffering from nicotine addiction, your parents will be proud of you for making the decision to quit. Ask for their advice and request their support, especially if they have quit smoking in the past. This can greatly increase your chances of quitting successfully.

7. Avoid foods and beverages that you have associated with cigarettes in the past. Coffee, alcohol, and pizza are some of the most common substances, and may trigger the urge to smoke. If you want to curb nicotine addiction, try new foods that don't invoke such associations.

8. Stay away from friends who still smoke. Even if they don't purposefully tempt you, just being around the smell of cigarettes can break down your resolve. Adolescence is often an impressionable time when willpower is at its lowest, so don't tempt yourself.

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