Thursday, March 20, 2014

Get Ready For A Breathing Test

Breathing tests measure your lung function.

Breathing tests measure the functioning of your lungs. According to the National Heart and Lung Institute, several breathing tests exist. These include: lung diffusion capacity, spirometry lung volume measurement and peak flow meter.The British Lung Foundation notes that breathing tests require active participation of the patient. You must breathe in and out as the doctor or technician instructs you.


1. Talk to your doctor and tell him of any breathing medications you currently take. Depending on the medicine and the test you will take, you might have to stop taking it up to 24 hours before the test.

2. Dress in comfortable clothing with a loose-fitting belt.

3. Schedule your breathing test at least two hours after a heavy meal or four hours after drinking alcohol.

4. Stop smoking one day before the test.

Stop smoking 24 hours before the test.

5. Address any questions or concerns about the breathing test to your doctor or the tester before you have the test.

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