Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Darth Maul Makeup Tips

Red paint makeup is used for the Darth Maul costume.

Darth Maul is one of the evil characters featured in the Star Wars movies, and he was considered a weapon to ensure victory of the Sith over the Jedis. Because of the character's complex and recognizable appearance, Darth Maul is a popular costume. The makeup required to emulate this particular look is elaborate and time consuming. There are many specific makeup features that help make the Darth Maul costume more realistic.

Bald Cap

The bald cap should be fitted to the head before any makeup is applied. If you have hair, flatten it and pull it into a ponytail before attempting to position the bald cap on your head. Once the cap is in place, draw placeholders for the horns on the cap. The tattoo designs are easier to replicate when the horns are in place. Many makeup artists then remove the cap to paint it and only glue it on after the painting is completed. Some people use medical tape to secure the cap to the back of the neck.


The horns are applied to the bald cap using glue adhesive. Plastic horns look more authentic than latex horns, but are more expensive. There are several different types of horns available, depending on your expertise, budget and time constraints. You can sculpt and paint your own horns, or you can buy them already completed. Most complete Darth Maul makeup kits include the horns in the package.

Eyes and Teeth

Darth Maul contact lenses and teeth paint should be applied before the makeup. There are many contact lenses available for purchase, and users should note that many brands may be worn only once. Eye doctors, vision centers and professional FX makeup companies sell specific Darth Maul contact lenses.

Darth Maul's teeth are discolored with nicotine and black paint. Some professional FX makeup companies produce this tooth paint. Wearers should test the paint before applying to all teeth to avoid permanent stains. The tooth paint works best when applied to dry teeth, and when the nicotine paint is applied first.


Darth Maul has a red and black face with tattoo markings, and it is one of the most difficult features to create. The process works best when red paint is applied using a makeup sponge to cover the entire face and head. Most people start at the jaw and chin areas and move upward. Once the red paint is dry, the black tattoo marks are applied. Many makeup artists use a paintbrush to apply the black paint, and they use cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol to fix mistakes or errors. Some of the most popular brands of red and black makeup include Ben Nye, Wolfe FX and Reel Creations.

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