Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How To Proceed Rather Than Smoking

Now that you have decided to quit smoking, you will need activities to entertain your brain and fingers. The vast majority of quitters will experience nicotine cravings, and the only way to stay on track on your quitting journey is to learn to overcome those cravings by keeping your mind busy.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Your brain can trick you into thinking that you need nicotine when all you really need is food. Keep healthy snacks handy, such as baby carrots, fruit or crackers. Remember: Eating is an effective way to keep you away from cigarettes, especially if you are at the beginning of your quitting decision. But it is also an effective way to gain weight if you eat the wrong foods. Chewing gum is another option to keep your mouth busy.

Distract Your Brain

Don't give your brain the opportunity to think about nicotine. Activities such as puzzles (crossword, jigsaw or word search) will keep your brain entertained. Read a good book. Call someone who will support your quitting decision.


No, you don't have to sit cross-legged and say "OM." Visualize yourself as a nonsmoker. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and meditate on the benefits of quitting. Repeat this exercise every time you feel the nicotine craving.

Be Active

Your stress levels will rise once you quit smoking. Exercise is an efficient stress reliever that will help you stop depending on cigarettes for relaxation. Go out for a walk, ride a bike or play a video game that requires physical activity.

Get Informed and Inspired

Strengthen your motivation to quit by getting the facts. Look at pictures of oral, lung and throat cancer. Read about the effects of secondhand smoke on those around you. Create your own anti-smoking poster. Talk to friends and family about the consequences of smoking. Encourage others to quit. Find inner strength in inspirational quotes and books.

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