Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stain Wicker Furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture have classic lines that fit into most decorating schemes. Sometimes an older piece of wicker needs to be re-stained, or a new, unfinished piece of wicker furniture needs to be stained for the first time. The process is the same whether old or new. Bear in mind, if you are re-furbishing an old piece of wicker, you may need to strip off the old finish prior to adding new stain. Make sure the process of removing old stain is complete before you embark on this project. Then assemble all of your supplies, and allow a couple of hours to complete the process. The new stain should dry completely in two to three hours.



1. Place the wicker upright in a well-ventilated area that is flat. Ventilation is important because the fumes can rather heavy.

2. Mix the gentle cleaning liquid with water in a bucket, according to directions.

3. Wipe down the surface of the wicker with a soft cotton cloth that has been soaked in the cleaning solution. Avoid getting the surface of the wicker too wet. Pay special attention to areas that may have collected dust.

4. Dry the wicker completely with a cotton cloth.

5. Apply the stain of your choice using a brush or a cloth. A good stain choice is one that is made of gel, which allows for easier application and less dripping. Make sure to cover all of the nooks and crannies that are part of the wicker's surface.

6. Let the stain dry for at least two to three hours prior to using your furniture.

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