Friday, March 14, 2014

Ecigarette Colors

Electronic cigarettes simulate smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are a popular way of inhaling nicotine without the effects of cigarette smoke. The "smoke" is vapor, which simulates the smoking experience with flavored tobacco cartridges.

Customizing your e-cigarette

Customize your electronic cigarette with a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories. The cigarette should have two components, the flavor cartridge and the battery. The cartridge is where the "smoke" is vaporized, and the battery is the largest component of the e-cigarette. Electronic cigarettes can be helpful in quitting smoking and also allow the user to satisfy their nicotine cravings anywhere.

Colors for favor cartridge

Electronic cigarette colors are different for the flavor cartridge and battery. The flavor cartridge is where you distribute the liquid solution that creates the smoke vapor. Generally, the colors for the flavor cartridge, or "filter," are either tan, gold or silver, but they vary by brand.

Battery colors

Electronic cigarette batteries replicate the tobacco part of a regular cigarette. Most e-cigarette batteries are lithium, and are rechargeable for multiple uses. They are generally white, but can be found in pink, green, black, brown. Again, this varies by brand.

E-cigarette Ettiquite

Remember that the more customized your electronic cigarette is, the more obvious it will be to the public that it is not a tobacco cigarette. This may be useful in avoiding confusion. Some cities have made electronic cigarettes illegal in certain public places where they might be confused for real cigarettes, such as public transportation.

Ash colors

Different brands also have different ash colors. The ash colors are nothing more than led lights which can be interchangeable to further customize your e-cigarette. Like the other components of the electronic cigarette, they are easily screwed off from the device.

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