Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Improve Place of work Health & Safety

Fresh fruit for healthy snacking.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, employer sponsored health initiatives can reduce employer healthcare costs and improve employee morale. Implementing health and safety programs in the workplace provides benefits to both employers and employees and can be as simple as encouraging employees to quit smoking and involving employees in safety initiatives.


Improve Workplace Health

1. Ban smoking on work property. Create and implement programs that offer reimbursement of qualified smoking cessation therapy, such as nicotine replacement, to encourage workers to kick the habit.

2. Encourage healthy eating habits by removing vending machines filled with snacks and beverages with high calories and low nutritional value. Consider enrolling in a fresh fruit delivery program to make healthy snacks available to employees.

3. Enlist the help of a consultant to aid in selecting ergonomic furnishings, including chairs and workstations. Host a voluntary seminar on ergonomics for interested employees. Distribute gel filled wrist rests and mouse pads to prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome in employees with heavy computer usage.

4. Conducts free on-site health screenings for employees. Blood pressure and cholesterol screenings held in the workplace give employees who might not seek preventative screenings the opportunity to do so without inconvenience.

Improve Workplace Safety

5. Create a safety committee that consists of upper management as well as an employee from each department. Holding safety committee meetings allows workers to make specific recommendations on behalf of their departments, and allows management to have multiple sets of eyes on the lookout for potential safety hazards.

6. Compile and distribute an annual or semi-annual safety report reminding employees of company safety policies. Post safety policies in higher risk areas such as manufacturing facilities, maintenance areas and company fleet garages.

7. Review OSHA policies and conduct occasional walk-throughs of the premises looking for potential violations.

8. Set safety goals, such as "go 6 months without a lost time incident." Reward employees for achieving the goals.

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