Monday, March 10, 2014

Stop Smoking With Zyban

Zyban is a prescription medication that can help smokers quit their habit. Zyban is the market name for prescription WellButrin, an antidepressant that actually reduces some smokers' dependency on cigarettes. Nicotine is a stimulant; the body goes into withdrawal for it almost immediately upon extinguishing a cigarette. The stress-reducing feeling many smokers attribute their smoking to is actually feeding the nicotine craving, not any real reduction of stress. Patients who quit smoking with Zyban do so because the antidepressant actually reduces the body's reaction to the withdrawal, making it easier to not only put out cigarettes, but put off lighting one up.


1. Decide that you want to quit. Your doctor will tell you that you quitting smoking will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, but if you don't want to quit, you will sabotage yourself. Decide that you want to quit or that you have to quit. When you make this decision, be ready to commit to it.

2. Make an appointment with the doctor. Discuss your stop smoking plan with the doctor and ask for a prescription for Zyban. Read all the accompanying literature the doctor will provide. Ask about potential side effects and visit the Zyban website for more information (see Resources section below).

3. Begin taking the Zyban as directed. Typically you will take Zyban for 2 weeks before you plan to quit smoking. Take it regularly at the appointed times. Take the 2 weeks you are preparing to quit to begin making subtle but effective lifestyle changes.

4. Do not smoke indoors. If you smoked in the house, move it all outside. Have the inside of the house cleaned out. Clean your carpet, wash your clothes and remove the scent of cigarettes while also removing all paraphernalia (lighters, matches, ashtrays).

5. Commit to your stop smoking day. You will notice over the interim 2 weeks that you smoke less and less. But on the quit smoking date, commit to it. Throw away your cigarettes. Remove the option. Avoid going to places where you would typically smoke. Start saving the money you would spend on cigarettes. Continue to take your Zyban as directed; log onto their website to find a support group to help you stay smoke free (see Resources section below).

6. Hang in there. The first week after the stop smoking date is the hardest. Continue to take your Zyban. Each time you automatically reach for a cigarette, remind yourself that you are a non-smoker and move on.

7. Reward yourself. Each day you do not smoke, you deserve a pat on the back. Each week you spend smoke-free, use your cigarette money to take yourself out for a nice meal, get a manicure or buy tickets to a game.

8. Continue taking Zyban until your physician advises otherwise. When it is time to quit Zyban, discuss the step down therapy with your physician.

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