Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Make Use Of A Walmart Product Alternative Plan

Walmart offers product replacement plans.

Walmart offers the option of purchasing an extended warranty or replacement plan when you purchase qualifying items. You may buy a plan after you have made your qualifying purchase, but you must obtain it within 90 days of the date you bought your item, and you must have your original receipt. This extended warranty is provided by a third party company named N.E.W. Customer Service Companies, LLC. To take advantage of your plan, you will need your purchase receipt as well as the email confirmation receipt for your replacement plan.


Request a Claim By Phone

1. Gather your reciepts for your Walmart Replacement Plan and your purchased item.

2. Call Product Care Plan Customer service at 1-877-968-6391.

3. Request to file a claim.

4. Work with the representative to obtain a replacement for your item.

Request a Claim Online

5. Verify that you have your Walmart Product Replacement Plan receipt and your item's purchase receipt.

6. Register your plan and product with

7. Log in to the website.

8. Click "Care Plan Management or File a Claim."

9. Provide the requested information to file your claim and obtain a replacement product.

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