Monday, October 28, 2013

Manage Caffeinewithdrawal Migraine

Caffeine is a double-edged sword for many migraine sufferers. Although it can help ease the pain, the lack of it can also be the reason you have a migraine in the first place. Caffeine is an addictive drug and migraines are one of the worst of its withdrawal symptoms. The long-term goal is to cut down your intake of caffeine so your body won't be so dependent. You still must see your doctor about migraines. You will know you have caffeine-withdrawal migraines when you stop eating or drinking all caffeine and within a day you get a migraine.


My Brain Hurts

1. Make an appointment with your doctor.

2. Write down what your migraines feel like. Include how long it lasts, what side of the head it's usually on, if you get dizzy and if you are sensitive to light, sounds and tastes. Keep a migraine diary. If you are a woman, add whether you were menstruating or premenstrual.

3. Cut down on caffeine by listing all of the food, drinks and over-the-counter medications you consume in a day. Then, you can cut out one drink every few days. Gradually, your body craves less and less caffeine in order to not give you a migraine.

4. Switch from always drinking coffee or sodas to black tea. Green tea has even less caffeine, but you might want to get used to black tea first and then try green tea. Drink one glass of water between each caffeine drink.

5. Eat one square of chocolate very slowly if you do get a migraine. Take any medications for the pain as soon as you realise that a migraine is coming on.

6. Keep your doctor appointment and let him read your migraine diary. The diary might show that you have other triggers for a migraine, such as the weather, lack of sleep, or (for women) hormonal changes. You can then try to avoid these triggers, or know when to better schedule activities.

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