Thursday, October 24, 2013

Naturally Alkalize The Body

Caring for your body naturally prevents illness and disease. One way to do this is to ensure your body is not too acidic. The majority of Americans follow a very acidic diet. Alkalize your body naturally to bring it back into a state of health and well being.


1. The Acid Alkaline Test

Before we assume your body needs to be alkalized, we need to mention that there is a test to determine the acid/alkaline state of your body. Litmus paper, which is widely available at health food stores, will tell you your exact pH level. You may remember litmus paper from testing acidity in school.

Tear off a small strip of the paper and place it under your tongue for a few seconds. The normal pH level for saliva is between 7.0 and 7.4. Numbers below this are acidic. Number above this are alkaline. Litmus paper comes with a color coded chart to determine the numeric pH level depending on the color the paper turns. Match up your paper with the color coded chart.

2. Diet to Naturally Alkalize Your Body

As mentioned, most people will find they need to alkalize their body. Changing your diet is the most effective way to do this. There are food charts that explain which foods cause your body to become acidic or alkaline. These charts are widely available online and there are links in the resource section below. If you examine these food charts you will notice a pattern. Cooked and processed food cause your body to become acidic. Fatty foods such as meat and dairy cause your body to become acidic. Most people assume acidic foods such as tomatoes and lemons make your body acidic, but it is quite the opposite. Tomatoes, lemons and other foods considered acidic will alkalize your body. Raw fruits and vegetables are the most effective way to naturally alkalize your body.

Because fresh, raw fruits and vegetables alkalize the body juicing is a common way to alkalize naturally. Juicing also helps you get the enzymes your body needs to alkalize. Eating more nuts and seeds for protein and fewer meats and fats will also help your body to alkalize.

3. Water to Alkalize Your Body Naturally

Drinking enough water will help cleanse your body during your attempt to alkalize naturally. Be sure you are drinking enough filtered water! A natural remedy that works well when trying to alkalize the body is to add lemon juice to your water and drink that throughout the day. Avoiding acidic foods and drinking fresh lemon in water throughout the day will alkalize your body quickly!

4. Herbs and Supplements to Naturally Alkalize Your Body

Burdock, chickweed, potassium and magnesium are herbs and supplements that you may want to consider to alkalize your body.

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